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Anne-Sophie Olagnier, ACC Certified Coach, Consultant, Trainer

Member of the International Coach Federation

Live sessions in Luxembourg area live or remote video sessions.

Are you in a transition phase, do you have a relational issue or a particular stress overload?
Do you need change?

You are perhaps asking yourselves:

Who am I really?
What do I really want in life(private, professional...) ?
How can I improve this relationship (love, family, friend, professional...) ?
How can I get a more peaceful daily life?
How can I succeed in this new project?
What is the best decision for me now in this situation?
How can I unblock this situation?
How can I change this in me?
What is the meaning of all this?
How can I manage my fear in this situation?

With just some hours of coaching, consulting or group workshops, you are accompanied in the unknown, you see more clearly and you find the right solution for yourself.
Neither magic nor miracle solutions, the services I offer are based on recognized bodies of knowledge and defined professional methods and tools.

And as a result?

You open to new horizons. You determine constructive actions.
You free yourself from your problematic.

What are the conditions for success?

The services I offer show good results for anybody who has a real will to change, as yes, a certain amount of energy is needed.

In my opinion, each person is different and should be able to choose the most adapted path for themselves. That is why I offer three distincts services, that may also be cumulated. What links them is my profound respect and attention to my clients' well-being.

Choose individual COACHING if you want a personalised approach, where the coach helps you shed light on what you want for yourself.

Choose one of the two BOOSTERS if you want a very efficient and targeted approach in consulting mode, where knowledge is shared.

Participate in one or more "Stress free life" group WORKSHOPS and benefit from sharing, group dynamic and proven methods and tools.

“Anne-Sophie helped me clarify my ideas. I particularly liked her coaching built on both emotions and pragmatism: a great relationship with trust, important realisations for me, the focus on what is doable here and now, keys to succeed both personally and professionally. Thank you."

Marie, Consultant and Coach, Paris area

“Thanks to her direct communication mastery, Anne-Sophie fostered my awakening to Simplicity so I can now fully enjoy the present moment with my family. She took the right distance and created space for me to reflect and let go. Thank you Anne-Sophie for your Life-Coaching."

Philippe, Project leader and trainer, South of France

“I had tried many different therapies in the past and Anne-Sophie's individual coaching met my expectations. I saw results as soon as the third session. Her method was excellent to develop my ability to be a better friend for myself, end recurring suffering and stop making bad decisions."

Tamara, Entrepreneur, Arlon

“Anne-Sophie is a thoughtful, professional, patient and empathetic coach. Her coaching practice made me find solutions on my own and I developed a critical mind on my problematics. I really appreciated her approach to implement immediate actions in the current state of mind. I highly recommend Anne-Sophie's Life Coaching! "

Vincent, Creator of Naturalis Balance, Luxembourg

"Anne-Sophie has been a great support. Thanks to her, I learnt to take possession of myself, grow up, accept and understand. Thank you infinitely."

Mandy, Luxembourg

“I appreciated Anne-Sophie's listening skills and her way of going directly to the core matter, especially once about an emergency subject. Her coaching allowed me to question myself in a consistent way. Still now I think about our sessions and I see things differently. And I will always remember the great person she is."

Sabrina, Gérante d'équipe, Aubange

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